Connecting With a Self I’d Forgotten #RepresentationMeans

Bharatanatyam is a traditional type of dance mostly native to South India. Practiced mainly by women–though not exclusively–bharatanatyam is an art form that uses facial expressions, hand gestures, and body posture to tell stories. One always dances it with bare feet, using the body’s momentum to generate emphatic beats with one’s footsteps and accompanying large anklets with bells wrapped around them.

I used to be a bharatanatyam dancer.

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A Love Letter to the Book Community

The last few months have been quite the journey. When I first started this book blogging adventure back in January, I figured the atmosphere and the extent of my involvement would look something like this: write reviews, read other book reviews, make some rec lists, create threads for book edits, advertise my progress on my Goodreads challenge, etc. I guess I’d assumed that the book community existed in a similar vacuum as any other fandom type of space–where your words, actions, and any created content only circulated in a defined boundary of other book enthusiasts on the internet and that’s it.

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Goals and Gut Checks: May 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a pleasant end to April and a great start to May (and not stuck in abysmally dreary and cold weather like me weeps.) It’s about that time that everyone’s doing their monthly wrap up and reflections, and I too had started writing a post yesterday laying out my April reading progress and May TBR.

But it felt really forced. It’s a me thing–I’m the kind of person who can’t even remember what I ate for lunch, let alone reflect on the entire month of April. But more than that, I’ve made it pretty obvious to myself that I’m not one for following set TBR lists. My TBR shelf is constantly molding and evolving because of a variety of things: my mood, the library system, pressure to read and review ARCs, etc. So it’s hard for me to follow the standard wrap-up and next month’s TBR template because if I measure myself by how well I met my TBR goal at the beginning of the month, I’m going to feel like a failure.

So I decided to try something new, something that works for me. I wanted to make sure I measured my monthly growth and progress in a way that encourages and benefits me, rather than one that stresses me out. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

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Blog Tour: The Marvels and Oddities of Love From A to Z by S. K. Ali

Hey everyone! If you don’t already know, Love From A to Z is coming out in 4 DAYS, and I’m so happy I have to opportunity to participate in a countdown blog tour for it. Love From A to Z has caught my interest for a multitude of reasons, and I’m really excited to share with you why it’s one of my most anticipated reads. Thank you to Eri (airyreads) and Mana (gildedwolves) for organizing the street team and Rameela @ Star is All Booked Up for putting together the blog tour!

(And hopefully convince you that you need to get your hands on it as soon as you can.)

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5 Upcoming SF/Fantasy Releases That I Need ASAP

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I am once again here to remind you about how much I am an absolute glutton for the science-fiction and fantasy genres, this time by sharing with you some of my most anticipated 2019 releases. To sweeten the pot, they’re almost all by people of color, and I’m just dying to get my hands on them. So let’s dig in, shall we?

(Links to Goodreads profiles in the image caption.)

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